Here we go with the California Crazy Cuisine, dear pals. You have to trust me on this. I’ve enlisted the aid of our two kitchen technicians, Mr. Pirate and Miss H, to demonstrate for you what we’re up to these days at ODF, in the never-ending quest for more energy, more fabulousness, happier livers and kidneys, better skin and all-around yumminess. Spurred on by documentaries such as “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” — one of my faves — and “The Gerson Miracle” — we have cranked up the old juicer and are sucking down kale, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, beets, celery, broccoli, apples, lemons, tangerines, etc etc etc, by the gallon.

We aren’t using recipes, although there are plenty out there. Mr. Pirate is fine tuning the combinations we like best, and we suggest you do the same. Our juicer is a Waring; not expensive; we like it just fine. We’l get a couple of recommended ones up in the BH store soon.

If you think it sounds or looks yucky, let me say that it’s not only extremely yummy, but gives you a totally legal high. Instantly. And may save your sight and your life. And will help you lose weight, if you want that. Can you say that about whatever crap you just ate? Now, who’s yucky?

Parents, please do not allow your child to do this unsupervised, regardless of the fact that at age 5, Miss H can and has assembled the juicer with no help from anybody. Thank you very much. Although your hand cannot go down in the grinder thingie, her hand will, if you get my drift. Your husband, however, can manage quite nicely on his own, and should be encouraged to do so while you lounge in bed reading The New Yorker. Or Bass Fishing Today, or whatever.

– L



  1. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    Love it so much!! Great combo I like: romain, kale, ginger, lemon, and throw in an apple or two. Sooooo yummy! I’m pullIng out the juicer and trying some of your’s, thanks for another lovely post.:)

  2. amandahawking says:

    You know how much I love this right….glad your popping in those beautiful beets. Gives the best color. I add ginger and always lemon to my juices.. So healthy and amazing. Im Drinking juices with Spirulina in it at the mo… Heard great health benifits about that little beauty. Thanks Lynne xo

  3. Manda "Fluffy" says:

    I have to chime in here and add that this Crazy California Cuisine is excellent! I can confirm from experience that not only does juicing daily make you feel better, your skin begins to glow! Your energy shoots thru the roof. There are some great combinations of juices that can help reduce cholesterol, aid in heart health and help you in many ways. BH pals this is something EVERYONE should try! Of course the color is not always beautiful but the flavor and benefits are out if this world!!

  4. Love this post we got a juicer a month ago and have seen such a difference! I agree on trying your own combs that was the fun part! It is not so California crazy I have found a lot of people in the Chicago area now that I am sharing my experience.

  5. LaurieandDeeAnn says:

    Looks delicious, Lynne! Thank you for sharing! It does feel great when you eat healthy food! 🙂

  6. Ms. Jenny says:

    Yum! I’ll have to try this combinations. Legal energy and better skin.. BONUS!!! My favorite additions to my kale shakes are strawberries, bananas and an orange. I’ll have to remember to add some lemon on my next shake, love this post… xox

  7. Noelle Carpenter via Facebook says:

    I tried to reply twice at, but it doesn’t seem to like me today, so I’ll post this here! I haven’t tried these green drinks yet, but I’m sure I would love them. This blog made me think of another blog I just read where the dangers of drinking too many of these “green juices” due to the high oxalate levels in these veggies were discussed. It is always interesting and sometimes vexing to look at both sides of the story!

    • Lynne says:

      This is a fascinating controversy, and for me, highlights that although we seem to be making huge scientific progress making little machines to transplant into bodies and finding amazing new ways to market questionable drugs to millions of people, we don’t know DIP about how to feed ourselves! We don’t know whether spinach is really good for you or quite toxic. Girls, we need to try to fix this.

  8. Devorah Zeller via Facebook says:

    This green juice is fabulous! I have never had any problems drinking, but definitely listen to your body when you do! I love juicing, I don’t do it all the time. When I do I feel refreshed and healthy. There is something about raw for sure. Juicing is so fun and sorta an adventure in creating and balancing greens, sweet and sour! Fun fun! I love this Post! Xoxoxo

  9. Chrissie TheAussie via Facebook says:

    Mizz H, you’re a spunk!! I love green apple and lemon… I need to start juicing… Especially green drinks. we have so much good stuff in the garden! For the time being though, I drink V8 juice which has both vegetables and fruit in it.

  10. Heather Tucker Shaffer via Facebook says:


  11. Larissa says:

    Sounds yummy! I need to start juicing, especially during this pregnancy.

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