Here’s the part where, yes, we’ll be talking about food, as always, but I do want to dish about what actually went ON in Reno, besides eating. With Nashville coming up in April and our first-ever cruise in May, Auntie L has been ruminating, even more than usual, about what women love to do. In the precious hours we have for a gathering of pals, how do we spend the time in a way that rests us, fills us up, feeds us, strengthens us? What do you do with your pals that makes you smile every time you think back on it?

Lots of questions are coming my way now about what we’re actually gonna DO on that cruise, and exactly how much will that cost, and so on. So let’s start by reviewing what we DIDN’T do, in Reno, and maybe some of the pals where were there could chime in about whether that was cool or not. Because it was kind of an experiment, and because it was a fairly small group, we purposely left things kinda loose. There were only two planned activities, which both involved shopping, which is not one of Auntie L’s favorite things to do, but if you are going to shop, Reno is a great place to do it. AND (secret agenda!) it’s a fun way to push pals to see themselves in a different light, to try things they wouldn’t otherwise, to ask questions about how they present themselves to the world.

WHAT WE DIDN’T DO: drink. This kinda surprised me. A couple of cocktails, a couple of glasses of wine, and that was about it. Tons of water and tea were consumed. Boring, eh? We also didn’t see a show, go clubbing, play the slots (I think Diana said she won $40, but I forget if it was cards or slots) or go skiing or ice skating or bowling.

WHAT WE DID DO: eat, talk, laugh, walk. The breakfasts at Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs were, in fact, glorious, partly because the food was good and fresh and they let you have fruit instead of hash browns. But to me, what a delight to be around a table, eating wonderful food, with a bunch of friends. I think it’s something missing for a lot of us. Food is SO much more glorious in good company, unhurried, at a real table, on pretty dishes, with real knives and forks. And teapots.

DID WE WORK OUT? Yes, in a way. Miss B led the group for one session in her fabulous 3,000-sq.ft. gym (#themontagereno), which of course ends up being as much laughing and yelling as huffing and puffing. A couple of the girls took off in the early morning each day for  walk, brisk in every sense of the word in the late-winter Reno chill. One of the best parts about Reno, though, is that because we were downtown, we could walk to everything. By the time we’d walked to breakfast, lunch and dinner in different places, or walked to “#Dressed Like That,” we’d had the best possible workout, which is the one you don’t even realize you had because you were just having fun. Walking.

Our dinner at #Campo, right on the river two blocks from the #Siena, was so spectacular we had to go back for brunch on Sunday, which is the only day they serve it. The adorable person who’d waited on us at dinner the night before did a whole schtick when she spotted us again: said she thought she was hallucinating, because she’d been out dancing all night, only to come back to work to find the same crazy eight ladies at the same table.

THINGS WE LEARNED: beets really are fabulous, when they’re not in a can and prepared well. A “sunchoke”  soup is a good thing, too, made from Jerusalem artichokes (which are neither from Jerusalem or artichokes) and truffles with olive oil on top.

Maybe the most delicious thing of all, though, was being welcomed by proprietor Cynthia Lewis into her one-of-a-kind shop on Virginia Street, “Dressed Like That” for a private party on Sunday afternoon. Not open on Sundays, Cynthia had invited us for a VIP party. We were greeted not only by her charming and adorable self, but by a lovely spread just for us: wine, chocolate truffles, petits fours — this is a woman who knows what women love!

Cynthia carries classic pin-up and retro clothes, so trying them on is a little like stepping back into an MGM wardrobe room in the 1940s and 50s. HUGE fun, and a great way to add some real sizzle to your sensible black wardrobe. With our VIP discount  (I’m calling it that, anyway. Why not?) on everything in the store, including her sale rack, some of us were walking with INCREDIBLY cute items for less than $20.

And are we leaving anything out? Yep, we are. Our spa day at the #SienaSpa, our adventure at #Legends Outlets, and a few other things. Have I really even talked about the most important things that happened? No, probably  not. But it was unforgettable for me, and I hope for everyone else who was there. Loved that you girls just took a leap of faith and showed up.


  1. Michele Wolfe via Facebook says:

    looks like so much fun!!!!

  2. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    Such an amazing time to be sure! Reno was gorgeous, you ladies were just as wonderful as could be, and the food was devine! Loved every second of it, my only regret is that I couldn’t make it sooner in the game.:) Loved the mellow pace of it btw, it was such a treat to just be able to enjoy each others company without being rushed all over the place.. Thank you for making it all possible, Auntie L, love you buckets. Xx

  3. Love the details, the planning amongst the spontaneity :), the moments that you all have that aren’t even mentioned. I appreciate that you put together these gatherings so that miles can be traveled, new friendships can be formed, bonds can become stronger, and new memories can be made. So glad you all have the pictures, the stories, the laughter, the tears… every bit of it to cherish for years to come 🙂 Can’t wait for Nashville!!

  4. Larissa McDavid Bass via Facebook says:

    This sounds like my kind of trip: girlfriends, fitness, healthy eating, and shopping!

  5. I love to do all those girly things. And the outfits? OH! MY! STARS! CUTER THAN CUTE! TOTALLY MY STYLE! So, WHEN we gonna do something in Seattle? I’m SO THERE when we do!

  6. Claudia Orieux via Facebook says:

    There is something magical that happens when you go on a journey with an open mind and no expectations. I loved that there were a few activities planned, but nothing over booked, it left time to really connect with each other and have little unexpected moments bonding and discovering new and wonderful things. Loved the food, the air, the river, being able walk everywhere…..most of all the company. I can’t put into words what it meant to me. There was a kind of quiet understanding going on and interesting…and quite unplanned a group of introverts (how did that happen?). A big thank you to Miss B (who was so open and giving), Cynthia (so sweet…loved her shop, the clothes and the music!!) the girls (love you all) and most of all Lynne for making it possible and for being so generous with her time and heart…love you! xoxox

  7. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    ^^^PERFECTLY said, C, I was having such a hard time putting it into words..’cause it was just so special that there aren’t really words I guess. 🙂 So, what she said! Love you all and feel so blessed to have you in my life. Can’t wait for more wonderful adventures! <3 xoxo

  8. TinaFunez says:

    Aww Love reading this and seeing these pics. <3 Got a little emotional. It truly was the BEST! . Enjoyed every second of this time we had together. So special and so much fun. Love you all …
    Auntie L thank you for sharing your time with us and making it all possible. Heart YOU! xoxo

  9. Claudia Orieux via Facebook says:

    ps….we snuck some slot time in….I won big…$60.00 😉

  10. Tina Funez via Facebook says:

    Beautiful said C. <3 xo I was having a hard time putting into words too and getting emotional. Can't wait for more too, Des! Love y'all xoxox …..Oh the first day i lost 40 dollars. Day 2 won 75.00! :D. The BEST time. Thank you Auntie L!! <3 you!

  11. Stephanie Barton via Facebook says:

    It sounds like it was such a sweet time, girls. Hope there will be many more like it! (Introverts? Really? Huh….I wouldn’t have guessed.)

  12. Diana Garcia via Facebook says:

    Love this! Such great relaxing weekend. Was great that there was no minute to minute agenda. I had no idea really what to expect but what a great experience to gather with women from different paths and different backgrounds. I want to thank you all for making the weekend fun and of course shopping never hurt anyone!!
    Ummmm I’m already looking forward to my next Campo experience! Lol..thank you Lynne for taking time to connect with us all! 🙂

  13. Hell, I wasn’t even there and all your posts are making me well up! This truly sounds so special. There is something so powerful about women getting together, breaking bread together, tasting life, and just being, in the moment. It’s so vital. So glad you all had the experience; thanks for arranging it, Lynne. Can’t wait to make it to the next one. In … ahem … NYC? Hint, hint? 😉

  14. Just looking at the posts above truly show how special it must have been. So sad I missed it…loved the blog post Lynney pops! Great photos!!! Great stories!! Can’t wait to join in next time xoxo

  15. Devorah Zeller via Facebook says:

    Love this Post! I had a Wonderful time!! What is more fun then spending time with girlfriends who are kind, sincere and know how to have fun and Oh Eat!! THe food was divine coming from a foody.. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful time! This BowmanHall thing is pretty darn sweet! U Gals make it that way! <3 u All!

  16. Chris Dougherty Andres via Facebook says:

    For some reason, I am just seeing this now. Thanks Claudia, for putting into words SO many of my thoughts! It truly was a magical time from the morning walks and talks along the river, the fun in the casino (I pretty much broke even), meeting B, shopping and just discovery those little things we all have in common with each other. No one can ever take that time away from us. And yes, Stephanie Barton, we did discover we are all introverts! I honestly feel that what we did, at the pace we did it, and the places we did it was all PERFECT!!! I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes, thank you Lynne for sharing yourself with us! And thank you, Rodger, for sharing Lynne with us. As the only other married pal on this trip, we do owe our hubby’s kudos for understanding (or at least trying to) our need to go have a special weekend with special friends we have met through technology!

  17. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    <3 Chris–perfectly said. Miss you all gobs, May can't come soon enough. xoxoxoxo

  18. Claudia Orieux via Facebook says:

    Chris <3 xox

  19. Tina Funez via Facebook says:

    Beautifully said Chris!! xo ❤

  20. Tina Funez via Facebook says:

    Beautifully said Chris <3 xoxo

  21. Chris Dougherty Andres via Facebook says:

    <3 🙂

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