When you find a really, really swell place to eat, you just have to tell your pals, right? Oh, you thought I was gonna be talking about what really went on at our #Reno event? Like, what I said and what she said? Oh, sorry, no, that will be in the next blog post. This one is about a tiny deli named #Dish, tucked in a nondescript little industrial space at 855 Mill Street, #1C. Which kinda makes me wonder if any chef ever imagined their life’s work, the delicious fruit of all their labors, having an address like “855 Mill Street, #1C, Reno, Nevada.”

I shouldn’t even be telling you all about Reno, because some of you are gonna check it out one of these days and fall in love and buy up all the best real estate. But that’s another blog post, too.

Right now, we’re gonna talk about Dish. Why? Because not only was the quiche the best I’ve had in the United States, but the tables are covered with adorable oilcloth covers, kinda like your grandma would do if you had a cool grandma. There’s sweet art on the walls. The chairs are cane and bentwood, just like they ought to be, mixed with a couple of booths. There are random Christmas lights strung across the room.

The cupcakes had plastic wrap over them because they’re real cupcakes which will go south on you if they’re not covered.

In fact, the whole joint is real. This is not some franchise designer’s idea of how a diner oughta be, this is one or two people cooking great food, then putting some oilcloth on the tables and stringing up some lights.

The lovely B had discovered Dish, which is also a catering company, and wanted me to experience it with her right before I hit the road for home. So glad she did. Great local, fresh ingredients. Unpretentious but “current’ menu. Good food, nice folks behind the counter. Great tea selection. And a room you’re happy to sit in. “These are a few of my favorite things.”

You may have noticed we’re telling the story about the Reno Retreat backwards. So, next up is more about what went on before everybody left!

– L


  1. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    Awww, looks wonderful! Love the sweet little tables and lights–perfect. You both look gawjus as always too of course. <3 to Reno

  2. Looks adorable. Love a good quiche… And cute photos L and B xx

  3. I always wondered why some places and people have Christmas lights on year round. Dish sounds like a cute friendly little diner. Good you enjoyed it. The look on your face says, you’re in love with Reno. Happiness is a gift.

  4. Chris Dougherty Andres via Facebook says:

    Definitely on the “must visit” list! I still have a kids version of that table my sister and I got for Christmas one year. And oilcloth tablecloths. Oh, the memories! And you two are just too cute for words!

  5. If you’ve already seen it, look again in a few — we’re adding a couple more pix. Really loved this place!

  6. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    Love the additional pics, it’s adorable!

  7. Noelle Carpenter via Facebook says:

    Looks like a fun place to visit! So cute!

  8. Diana Garcia via Facebook says:

    I must go here ….

  9. Claudia Orieux via Facebook says:

    oh!!! A reason to go back!! Love the pics…so great to see B, she knows all the best places! and looking awesome Lynne in you polka dots. Reno really does have the best food…so fresh and fabulous.

  10. Chanda Camese via Facebook says:

    Looks like a fun spot. Love that pic of you! You look so joyful.

  11. Dancifest Mestiny says:

    Every time I go out with my mom i swear it will be the last time I don’t wear makeup. Argh. I Know it’s going to be photographed and posted. What am I thinking?
    Today’s Reno adventure: Lime Spa http://www.limespareno.com/gallery/ (in trendy midtown, or SoDo for those in the know)
    For an On the Rocks Pedicure, part of the Emerald Goddess package I got myself for my 35th birthday tomorrow. Also getting hair done at Pearle Studios with Carleen and dinner at The Lodge, at the foot of Mt Rose, with The sexiest man in Reno. A BH-worthy day 🙂

  12. TinaFunez says:

    This place looks lovely. Would love to go! Love the table covers . Also loving your sweater Auntie L! 😉 Nurse B you cute! Thanks for sharing with us. Yummy!!! Can’t wsit fir next blog!! xo

  13. Alison Kong via Facebook says:

    The cupcakes look yummy!!

  14. Duh! Cupcakes always look yummy, don’t they?

  15. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    Sassy pants lol. :p

  16. Elise says:

    Wonderful post and great photos! Fun, fun, and wonderful visual stuff going on. Thanks for sharing!

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