There’s something magical about a wonderful chair. Straight, proper, formal; or sensuous, curvy and ornate, or simple and muscular. Some, you can curl into and stay all day, or for a lifetime. Some, you can barely stand to perch in for a minute, while you tie your shoe. The best ones stop you in your tracks, or make you laugh out loud. I think of some of the chairs that have passed through my life as old friends I”ll probably never see again, but remember fondly. Those two Windsor chairs I bought at auction to carry us through when we were starting over, from scratch. The set of six dining chairs, Queen Anne-ish, from the forties, that I had refinished black, with coral silk seat covers. Very eighties! Paid $80 for the six, plus a pretty table, as I recall. Gone, but not forgotten.

Love this little piece of art that Elise made for us, which for me signifies a long and happy friendship. What better way to spend an afternoon than in a comfy chair, with a pal, on a porch, or in a kitchen?


This little beauty, the white rocker, belonged to my Aunt Frostie when she was a little girl. It’s now in our guest house, Casa Chiquita, and I’ve never done a thing to it, because I find it absolutely perfect, with its homespun seat cover and hasty paint job.


The big chair in this pair is one that my pal M had in her house in Los Angeles for years, and before that it was I think in her Granny’s house in Des Moines, Iowa. It recently got reupholstered with the melon and cream-colored indoor/outdoor fabric made by Nomi in Watsonville. I had carried a swatch of the fabric with me for months because it made me so happy to look at. Finally, Kelly, H and I went to Nomi’s studio for a visit, and I got the last 5 yards she had of the fabric. It’s now Mr. Pirate’s favorite landing spot in the kitchen. Next to it is a very, very old child’s chair that Deidre thought should live with us now, and we wholeheartedly agreed. Its loving little arms are frequently full of a certain small blonde ballerina these days, who thinks it’s the most wonderful chair, ever. Maybe it is.

Coral Chair

This Victorian “Nursing Rocker” was my husband’s grandmother’s, then his mother’s, and now it occupies a place of honor in Miss H’s room. The seat is too narrow for most of us. The needlepoint seat is a bit faded, but it’s otherewise pretty much the way it was made in, maybe, the 1880s.


In the category of “makes you laugh out loud,” we have a pair of wacky, mirrored sort-of Gustavian characters I saw one day shopping in Culver City with M. Instantly smitten. Had to have them. Didn’t know why, or where they’d go, but they came home with me. Not especially comfortable, but, hey. Everybody needs a pair of silver foiled, mirrored chairs, right?

Chair 1

Silver Chair

Then there is this gorgeous little princess of a chair, another treasure from my mother-in-law, which belonged to her mother. I did nothing to it except put it upstairs in Casa Chiquita where it might hold some clothes tossed off before diving into the bed.

Princess Chair

Another bedside chair, this one in the Master Bedroom, doing hard duty in a white slipcover on the Mister Master side of the bed. It’s another old treasure from M, originally hailing from Des Moines, IA.

White Chair

And for our big finish, here’s a French settee, given to me by my French sister-in-law. It was her mother’s, and I’m happy to say that the gorgeous carved fruitwood has survived all its travels  intact. A few years back, I decided that some deerskin inherited from my father-in-law was the perfect counterpoint to the settee’s prissy victorian lines.

French Settee

The pillow says “Amour.” That’s exactly what a chair should say, don’t you think?

– L


  1. Diana Garcia via Facebook says:

    Love the tour of chairs….the silver foiled/mirrored are my fave of the collection!

  2. Love a good chair, and I adore the ones that you shared, and the history behind them all…On a side note, love the fun back pillow on Aunt Frostie’s rocker.

  3. You are SUCH a girlie girl and that is just ONE of the ZILLION things I love about you! LOVE all those chairs!

  4. shannola says:

    Lynne, I absolutely love the rocker in Miss H’s room and Mister Master’s white chair. I could probably sit there for hours and read. The rocker is so pretty and I’m sure has many memories. It is so hard to find good chairs or recliners but when one does it can be magical. Thanks for the post. Love it.

  5. This is splendid!!! First, you make me appreciate the mystery, history, and personalities in your chairs! Second, you make me appreciate the furniture in our house that holds it’s own family, friendly history that was given to us and will one day be passed down. For each and everything deserves to tell their story!! Love what you post! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

  6. Kelley Marie says:

    I never put much thought into the chairs around me but I do have some favorites. They are usually big enough where I can be all curled up in, or close enough to the ground where my feet reach the floor 🙂
    I really like both rockers and kinda like the mirrored chair especially the furry pillow that sits on it. Super fun seeing all the unique chairs and hearing their stories, thanks.

  7. Claudia Orieux via Facebook says:

    I’m in love! <3 I haven't passed a chair I didn't want to try out for size….I would have been in heaven if I was lucky enough to have the chair that Miss H calls hers when I was a little girl. I think I may like the French settee….looks just low enough, wide seat and love the pillow! You are inspiring me, I have two little bow back chairs that I have had for 30 years…I think it's time for new fabric. Thanks for sharing Lynne 🙂

  8. Chris Dougherty Andres via Facebook says:

    Thanks for the sharing the history of all those special chairs. Made me stop and appreciate again two special ones I have.

  9. Rose says:

    I absolutely love the significant meaning each chair holds in your heart. My favorite is the mirror chair. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful history!

  10. Tina Funez via Facebook says:

    Loved reading the story of each chair. They are all beautiful and fabulous. My favorites are the child’s chair and the melon cream .. I just love the fabric!
    You have a way with words Lynne ❤ Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  11. Nikki says:

    Your post was very iniglhtfus. I really appreciate you taking your time out to craft this wonderful post. I have a blog as well that writes about car history report. Have you heard of that before?

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