It’s a part of California lots of folks never see, because it takes a bit of doing to get there, and there is no glamour about it. No movie stars, no designer boutiques, no see-and-be-seen spots. Although, by golly, who do you suppose was there a week or so before we were, eating oysters and sampling the cheese? Yep. Gwynnie herself. None other than Gwyneth P. But that aside, it’s a decidedly unsparkly kind of place unless you really love quiet beauty, old stuff, cows, seabirds and unpretentious but great food.

The Mr. and I had spent our first honeymoon, in 1989, at the Blackthorn Inn in Inverness, just a few miles down the road. He’d just started his business; I was trying to manage mine. Together we were wrestling with life in the Silicon Valley with 3 kids, then 11, 12 and 13, and all the stuff that went along. Dogs, cats, mortgages, sports, teachers, drama and more drama. The idea of 3 or 4 days in the quietest place we could think of, near the water, near the trees, only a couple hours’ drive, seemed perfect. And it was. We swore then we’d be back every year, which hasn’t happened. But this year we did go back. This time, in our Tiny Trailer at the Olema RV Park, in Olema, CA, which is 2 miles from Pt. Reyes Station and a just bit farther from Inverness.

Tiny trailer

There were only two or three other rigs in the entire campground, so we had the gorgeous quiet we remembered, as well as the fall color. Off to explore Pt. Reyes, which we didn’t do on our first honeymoon, having never left the Inn, first stop was the Coyuchi linen store and outlet: politically correct cotton, natural dyes, beautiful patterns: I left with some charcoal sheets for the Tiny Trailer, and some fabulous natural ecru knitted shams with pretty buttons. Pix for you later when I make the trailer all up for our next trip.



Next, stumbled into a little warehousy looking space that I thought would be just surfer stuff, and it turns out to be a clothing manufacturer, who has their stuff all made in Nepal. Some adorable things, but I wasn’t in the mood to try; especially with the Mr. along.

Wear house


Dress 2

This little church, now a yoga/dance studio, caught my eye, along with some sweet old buildings downtown from the time the train came through, to be loaded with dairy products for San Francisco.


Church 2

We took a drive out toward the Pt. Reyes lighthouse, and loved the sweeping end-of-the-world views of the Marin County Coastline.


Then, back to Pt. Reyes for the outstanding food at Cowgirl Creamery’s Cantina. Real tomato soup with creme fraiche, smoked salmon. Mmmmmmm.

Cantina interior


Then, back over the bridge and home, newly inspired to keep things as simple, gorgeous and delicious as possible.


Tiny Trailer, back home, awaiting the next adventure.

Tiny trailer 2

– L


  1. No I didn’t get a email??? 🙁 I’ll look forward to reading xo

  2. Sarah Finch via Facebook says:

    Saw it! Loved it Lynne! Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    Now I can see!:) Cutest trailer in America!

  4. Haley Clark via Facebook says:

    Yep, saw it and commented on it! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a wonderful getaway! Thanks for sharing it….I was able to view it from the first link as well.

  6. Chanda says:

    It’s sweet that you got to go back to the same area where you honeymooned 20+ years ago. Loved seeing the pics; I’ve missed your blog posts.

  7. Chanda Camese via Facebook says:

    I didn’t get the email but maybe I was supposed to subscribe again when the name changed, which I don’t remember doing. Thanks for sharing, love the pics you take while traveling.

  8. Lovely little story. How sweet! X

  9. What a gem of a post, so sweet and simple and lovely. Thanks for sharing part of your honeymoon trip with us. Congratulations, again, to you and the Mr. 🙂

  10. Destiny Zestiny Elmore via Facebook says:

    Was rushing earlier, so didn’t get to comment properly. Absolutely lovely post. I love little trips like that that are all about R&R, sweet little stops with yummy food, and kind small town peeps. Looks and sounds totally devine. So glad it was a happy 24th. xoxo

  11. Claudia Orieux via Facebook says:

    So missed your blogs! Sounds perfect. Can’t wait to see the new sheets in the trailer! Loved all the pics…I could taste that tomato soup 🙂

  12. Chrissie TheAussie via Facebook says:

    I didn’t get an email for some reason. Thanks for the heads up, Auntie L x

  13. Thanks for reading and saying so, sweetie pals! It was fun to relive it when I wrote the post, and I love having someone to write it for.

  14. Noelle says:

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a wonderfully relaxing get-away. I would love to try that tomato soup. I haven’t had good tomato soup since we left Germany!

  15. Quiet sounds lovely and from the pictures looks lovely too! Thanks for sharing your quiet vacation and Happy Anniversary 🙂

  16. Rose says:

    Great blog!

  17. Rose says:

    Great to see you and the Mr. had a great time on your annual honeymoon. Sounds like it was quite an adventure. You always have interesting stories to tell. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Diana Garcia via Facebook says:

    Love your stories! Thank you for sharing this little adventure with us Lynne 🙂

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