Deidre Hall’s Kitchen Closeup

We are thrilled to announce the release of Deidre Hall’s Kitchen Closeup. This book began a hundred times over, and seemingly as many years, with Lynne at the stove or poring over time-tested family recipes as Deidre wielded legal pad and pencil. We’re happy to finally be able to invite you to pull up a chair, as we present to you our labor of love, with gratitude to our brilliant and courageous predecessors, the producers of FOOD, Inc, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Dr. Oz, and others we spoke of in the book. And in case you were thinking all we dish about is food, just wait for our next books!


Deidre Hall’s HOW DOES SHE DO IT? A Beauty Book.
How do those gorgeous women you see on TV keep it glued together, year after year? How in the world do they still look eerily like they did when you watched the show in the eighties with your Grandma? Deidre Hall, best known to many as the ever-patient, impossibly good Dr. Marlena Evans for more than thirty years on NBC’s Days of Our Lives, is obviously having fun with this. Along with co-author and longtime pal Lynne Bowman, Hall is sharing beauty secrets, personal stories and professional tips gleaned from decades in front of an unforgiving camera lens.They start with “What Beauty Is and Why It Matters,” moving right on through how to get the sleep you need, how to stand, how to move, apply makeup, dress, style hair, groom hands and feet. There are frank and comprehensive discussions of permanent makeup, hair removal, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry, weight loss, and even great notes on fragrance. Expect to find some truly pro-level techniques you didn’t already know, along with a different twist on things you thought you already knew, all wrapped in a surprisingly charming package from one of television’s loveliest legends.