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Every year it’s hard not to have a little Pear Beauty Contest. Every one a delight in a different way, but some…..some are just too divine not to elevate on some kind of pedestal, all blushing, perfect and plump and fragrant.

Maybe we thought it was going to all be fried Kangaroo or something, but the variety and beauty of the food was a lovely surprise. Here’s a poached egg and Hollandaise on brioche, hold the Canadian bacon, add some avocado. Those green bits are fresh spinach. Avocado was everywhere, and most places were happy to   

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Had to take some shots of breakfast at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. Smell the salt air! Hear the ocean in the background! Eat! Your adorable little tummy may churn somewhat when you get your American Express bill, but, oh, my darlings, worth it. We particularly liked the staff at the Spa Cafe, and the   

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