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Oh, pals, forgive me for a small lapse in posting. This is an extremely busy time even for candy-ass, wannabe farmers like us. All the pears came off our two trees this week. Last week, most of the apples from three trees were harvested. Five trees, you’re saying? You call that a harvest? Well, ok,   

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Made a quick tour around the farm with the camera this morning: it’s a day too gorgeous not to share. Dogs dozing in the sun, horse sighing, hoping for another dropped apple to be thrown her way. Baby snakes out for their sunbaths, along with the usual assortment of lizards and dragonflies. Those shadows are   

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You pals were asking about dehydrating foods, so today we have an album by Guest Chef Miss H, who will demonstrate for you. The fruit is sliced, dipped in a mixture of water and lemon juice, then spread on the dehydrator trays.  

Picking day is usually September 26, or thereabouts. Then for a few days, it is Pears as Art. This year, finally, we were able to use every last pear one way or another, and the dried pears are still in the fridge. So beautiful, it’s kinda hard to eat them. But not impossible.